Free Usenet News Servers for Comcast Customers

I have been a Comcast customer for years without major problems. But Comcast is shutting off Usenet newsgroups access completely at the end of October 2008, which is a real bummer. I am already paying quite a chunk of money for internet and definitely don’t feel like shelling additional bucks for something which, frankly, I have always expected to be provided by an ISP. I even checked some competitors, but the ones I checked couldn’t offer comparable speeds for my location.

I want to use Usenet newsgroups from my desktop news client, which excludes things like Google Groups. But I remembered a great resource for finding free access to Usenet newsgroups: Free Usenet News Server Index. Finding read-only servers was never much of a problem. Previously when I checked the before mentioned resource I was unable to find a server that allowed posting, but this time the first one in the “Best Overall” category voted by users turned out to work for both. It also happens to include the groups I care about. So for the time being I am content.

Another great resource for people who prefer Usenet newsgroups over mailinglists is Gmane, which turns mailinglists into newsgroups you can access with your favorite newsreader. I wonder if there is a tool that would make web forums accessible with a newsreader…

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