Yearly Donations to Open Source Projects

For the past few years I have taken the habit of financially supporting some of the open source projects whose products I use. I of course support the projects in many other ways as well, for example by reporting bugs, sending in bug fixes, advocating for open source software and helping other users of open source software. But in the end even open source projects need to pay bills. And it wouldn’t feel fair for me to make a living using open source tools without giving some money back as well.

This year I decided to donate to:

Some of the others that I considered include Gnome, Eclipse, Apache, jQuery, Pidgin and Enigmail. I also considered SQLAlchemy and Pylons, but didn’t actually notice any way to donate to these two. I also considered Mozilla Thunderbird, but there does not seem to be any way to target a donation to Mozilla to Thunderbird specifically.

In previous years I have supported at least the following projects and organizations:

  • Wikipedia
  • mozdev
  • The Python Software Foundation
  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation (ok, so not a software project but well aligned)

In some cases I have donated money directly, in other cases I have bought merchandise that benefit these projects. I am sure I have donated to about half a dozen other projects as well, but I just can’t remember for sure which ones. Which is one of the reasons for this post, to help me keep track of where I have sent money and to get some ideas where to contribute next year.

Have you contributed to your favorite open source project yet?

Update: SQLAlchemy does accept donations, right from the homepage (scroll down) as was pointed out in the first comment. So I made a small donation to SQLAlchemy as well.

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  1. mike bayer:

    donate link is right at the bottom right ! theres a radio button and a paypal logo :)

    We also of course consider creation of good bug reports, unit tests, and patches as contributions.

  2. Heikki Toivonen:

    Hmm, you are right, I did miss it. Thanks for pointing it out. I went to the homepage, but it did not occur to me to scroll down; on the right I see “Latest News” so I didn’t realize there would be something else as well. I looked at the top bar for links, and checked out “Support” and “FAQ” but found no mentions of donations. You might want to consider making the donation option clearer to people who don’t realize to scroll down on the home page.

    I just sent a small donation to SQLAlchemy.