Logitech software breaks Cygwin

It was a couple of weeks ago that I last used Cygwin on this computer. Today I launched the cygwin prompt again and was surprised to see most commands reported errors about failing to allocate heap. This was a mystery since there was plenty of free memory and I hadn’t changed any Cygwin settings.

I proceeded to upgrade cygwin, reinstall, uninistall completely and manually delete any left over junk and reinstall again. To no avail.
I finally found the right Google query that produced the information I needed: it turns out the Logitech webcam software I installed recently breaks Cygwin. Specifically, it is the “Logitech Process Monitor” service. Stopping it made Cygwin go again. I am trying to leave it on Manual instead of Automatic, but I have yet to see what t hat does to the other Logitech webcam software.

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