nVidia 84.30 problems with GeForce Go 6800 on Dell Inspiron 9300

A while ago I noticed that Dell had an updated nVidia driver – 84.30 – for my GeForce Go 6800 card (3DMark says that is the Ultra model even, but I am not sure which is correct). My laptop was shipped with 78.51, which is fairly old compared to the update.

I went and installed the new driver, and went to try America’s Army. At first it seemed like the upgrade was great: my fps went from 30-35 to 40-60! But then I started noticing problems. First, everything was a bit jerky, as if the fps figure was lying. The biggest problem was terrible mouse lag. In head-to-head, one-on-one fights the mouse lag basically made it impossible to hit anything.

I eventually tested with 3DMark05:

  • 78.51: 3409
  • 84.30: 3055

After downgrading the driver (phew, worked!), America’s Army was again rolling smoothly without mouse lag.

While researching the issue I stumbled onto several resources that I might eventually try out when newer games no longer get decent fps with this card:

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