Windows Mobile 6 on Cingular 8525

AT&T finally approved the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for their Cingular 8525 (now AT&T 8525) device. I had a lot of trouble with the upgrade, since the flasher program just refused to work. Finally a working solution was posted to the AT&T forum: it is possible to flash from SD card, and that finally did the trick for me.

I’ve generally been happy with WM6, but I have two blockers currently. I cannot send email through my work SMTP email server, because Pocket Outlook seems to send invalid EHLO command (server is configured to require fully qualified hostname, POutlook sends “Inbox”). I am also unable to either send or receive Comcast email. I had no trouble with email in WM5.

The major reason I upgraded to WM6 was the internet sharing over Bluetooth, aka Personal Area Network (PAND). It is much easier to use than the older method, which I did not even try to set up. There are some instructions on the Ubuntu forum and elsewhere, but I seemed to find an even easier combination of steps that I documented in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon on Latitude D820 wiki page. Unfortunately my connection seems to drop after about a couple of minutes, so some more research is needed.

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