Finnish Localizations

Seems I got in the mood for some localization work after localizing (read: translating) Chandler 0.7.3 into Finnish. The Foxmarks guys share office space with OSAF, and seeing they did not yet have Foxmarks in Finnish I decided to pitch in. There is a really cool site,, where you can translate Firefox extensions, and it was pretty easy to use. Foxmarks additionally has server side stuff, and for that I received a .po file and translated that with poEdit, which is pretty good. (My major gripe with poEdit at this point is that it does not have Undo.)

To top it all off, I translated some Wikipedia articles starting from the Chandler article.

Update: I also started Finnish translation of TWiki, which is used by OSAF. The translation is only 36% percent complete according to this page, but this will at least easily enable one to translate topics.

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