PyDev 1.3.11 was Released

PyDev (and the commercial companion PyDev Extensions) is an Eclipse plugin. I’ve been using Eclipse and PyDev as my main Python development environment for around three years now. This new release finally fixed my pet peeve, warnings about bad indentation in docstrings.

Like most at OSAF, I started with WingIDE, which is a really great Python IDE but there were a few things that drove me away from it: I did not like the UI, it did not have support for multi-thread debugging at the time, it is not open source, and finally I hit some bug where I could not debug at all.

I then took a look at ActiveState Komodo, and while I liked some aspects of it quite a bit, it also had its problems: at first it could not debug Chandler (I worked with the developers and they finally solved it), it was slower to debug than with WingIDE (although the speed also improved dramatically), and the debugger was not as capable as WingIDE’s. It did support multithreaded debugging, though.

I finally jumped into the Eclipse bandwagon and the PyDev plugin (which, incidentally, was started by an early OSAF volunteer Aleks Totic). While slow and resource heavy, I did end up staying with this combination for several reasons: cross-platform, open source, multi-threaded debugging support out of the box, PyLint as you edit files, and all the goodies that come with Eclipse and all the Eclipse plugins. Eclipse performance has also improved a lot, as has PyDev performance. I even liked it so much that I submitted two bug fixes to PyDev 0.9.4.

I have to admit I still end up using XEmacs quite a bit, especially for the quick and dirty jobs 😉

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