CaltrainJS 0.2 – Caltrain Schedule

After I had released CaltrainPy 0.2 I started thinking about making a web version. I now have CaltrainJS 0.2 running. Ironically it seems to work OK everywhere except where I most want it to work: Internet Explorer Mobile. The Javascript and CSS support in that browser leaves much to be desired.

There are some refinements I could do for other browsers, like putting the schedule in a scrollable box so that the header would stay in place, but I put that work on hold until I get it working in IE Mobile. (I did have the scrollable area working reasonably well in Firefox.)

Update: I resorted to using innerHTML to (re)write the complete table on each update, since modifying a table dynamically in IE Mobile does not seem to be possible. Marked it CaltrainJS 0.2.1.

Update 2: I just released 0.3 to update to the March 3, 2008 schedules, and fixed the AM/PM bugs.

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  1. Mike:

    Cool! I took a different approach: – simply HTML form and CSS for compatibility – for the iPhone with ajax and javascript animation (using IUI).