More on Android GUI Programming

Like I mentioned in my previous post, it seems it is not possible to do the UI purely programmatically using the Android Java API. Or if it is, it is either so obvious I don’t see it, or so hard I just haven’t figured it out yet. I finally decided I’ll just hop on the XML GUI bandwagon.

Which lead me to use the DroidDraw program to design my GUI, which is pretty simple and nice to use even at though it is so new (expect some glitches, but compared to working by hand you’ll be glad you used it). It also comes with some nice tutorials, and a visual guide to the UI elements (another thing which seems to be missing from the official Android documentation, by the way).

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  1. alexk:

    Take a look on new tool for GUI prototyping – Android GUI Prototyping Stencil for Visio

  2. Heikki Toivonen:

    Thanks, although it looks like that is Windows only. I think it would be more useful for UI designers than programmers.

  3. ap21:

    you found droiddraw useful? at first I was glad I found it, but honestly, it is so bad in my opinion I might as well do it by hand.