QMail to the Rescue

Since I upgraded my 8525 to Windows Mobile 6, I have been unable to read Comcast email. Granted, it was really slow even with WM5, but it worked. Not so with WM6. I talked to both Comcast and AT&T support, but no luck. I did get a phone number for HTC support, but haven’t made the call, and rather figured I’d live with it.

But enough is enough. I finally figured I’d search for a good, free mail client for Windows Mobile. It seems QMail is hands down the best in that category. QMail is really capable, but it is seriously lacking in the documentation department, and even most of what is available is in Japanese. Luckily I did find an old guide, which clarified some issues (the latest version comes with SSL builtin, so you can disregard that part of the guide). There is also an English FAQ that explains how to create filters and actions to automatically download only messages that are newer than X number of days and download messages automatically every Y minutes.

QMail had no difficulty with Comcast’s POP or SMTP servers; even TLS works.

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