Xpress Mail Messed Up My Phone

I knew I shouldn’t, but I went and tried the Xpress Mail on my 8525 that CingularAT&T had provided for my phone… The end result was that I had to hard reset my phone, and because ActiveSync failed to restore my data, I had to manually reinstall all applications and I lost my contacts for good.

The Xpress Mail installation seems extremely invasive. Maybe it needs to be for simple devices, but I don’t see why that would have to be the case for a phone running WM5 or later. The installer asks for your phone number (what has that to do with email?), your ISP, login and password. Then it seems that it passes my login and password (in this case my Comcast account) to AT&T. There are no security settings anywhere, so I don’t know if all that is even being transmitted in the clear somewhere. The Xpress Mail UI has just a handful of preferences, and none that seemed to be of interest to me. For what it is worth, it did work with my Comcast email, and seemed to integrate that into Pocket Outlook.

But I really did not like the fact that I had no firm idea what had happened with my account information. So I reset my Comcast password, and uninstalled Xpress Mail. And started noticing major problems. It used to take just a couple of seconds to connect to network after reset, and now it was taking about a minute. Battery was draining at an alarming rate (full charge in the evening, and battery drained empty sometime during the night).

So now I have spent a day trying to restore everything, and all is good now except for the lost contacts. The additional software I installed included PTTFix, BART Quick Planner, Google Maps, GSPlayer2, PIM Backup (won’t lose my data anymore!), Pocket Putty, QMail3 (for Comcast email), Skype, vncviewer, WM6 Remote Desktop, and zsIRC.

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