R.I.P. the Dungeon Master

Gary Gygax is dead.

I have a hard time time coming up with the words to describe how big an effect Gary Gygax and his work has had on my life. Being into all kinds of games it is perhaps no wonder that eventually I would run into the game created by Gary. A friend introduced me to Dungeons & Dragons when I started high school. I was hooked instantly. There was just something unimaginably cool about the game.

I had been pretty good with English even before then in school, and had read some novels in English, but what really catapulted my interest and skills was starting to play role playing games. There were lots of rule books to read, and eventually there were lots and lots of fantasy novels written that took place in the imaginary worlds my game characters lived in. This thing just fed itself, pretty much.

I also believe that a lot of the skills I use every day as software engineer got honed and improved while playing role playing games. There was a little mathematics involved, probabilities, problem solving, puzzles, detective work and so on. My friends and I even created our own games, and before we found out where to buy unusually shaped dice we made our own dice (of course, probabilities were not quite right;)

All of that helped me get a spot as an exchange student to the UK, where I made friends through the role playing society. And later when I relocated to California, I found my first friends outside of work through role playing games, from the boards of Bay Area Role Playing Society.

I guess one of my unrealized dreams was to visit GenCon one day and thank Gary for his work.

Rest in peace Gary, you will be remembered fondly.

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