CaltrainPy/JS 0.3

I released a new version of CaltrainPy and CaltrainJS yesterday. Caltrain changed schedules on March 3, 2008 and these releases incorporate the new schedule information. Incidentally, I found two errors in the official Caltrain online timetables, and this release fixes those as well. The issues are:

  1. Train 146 (weekday southbound) from Menlo Park to Santa Clara has times 13:XX (should be 1:XX).
  2. Train 195 (weekday northbound) arrives in San Francisco at 10:01 (should be 11:01).

This change also fixes the AM/PM bugs in the previous releases. The algorithm to determine AM/PMness of entries is much clearer now (and correct!).

You can download the package from Cheeseshop. To install, you must do: python install. easy_install does not work. I have also updated

If you want to stay notified of updates for this software, I recommend you subscribe to the CaltrainPy Freshmeat project page.

Update: I forgot to mention that I contacted Caltrain about the schedule errors. Train 195 is already fixed, and they also acknowledged the errors with train 146, so that will probably get fixed soon.

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