I updated today… I mean yesterday.

I made one painful decision: users need to create an account before they can add trails. Another option would have been to create a system where changes need to be moderated. The main reason I decided to do user accounts instead is because most web applications will actually need user accounts at some point and I wanted to learn to deal with those sooner rather than later. I looked at AuthKit, but the documentation regarding the Pylons integration seems to be a little misleading or incomplete based on the comments on the Pylons wiki. That is what I would probably choose for a production system, still. But given how easy it is to bolt user management into standalone Pylons I decided to do that first (and learn a bit more about Pylons in the process). All the hard work went into making the login forms, and the part that I was originally most concerned about – tracking the logged in status – was trivial with Pylons session object. Add a little decorator to ensure users are logged in for certain controller actions and you are good to go.

Most visible in the new version is of course much better UI, although some work still remains. It also seems to work reasonably well in other browsers, although I noticed a small gap in IE7 under the menu buttons and the banner lower border on which they are supposed to rest. The add trail page is perhaps the most polished, with WYSIWYG HTML editors and stars you can click to rate the trail.

After deploying on Dreamhost I noticed one regression. The FastCGI script shows in the URLs even though I put in the fix for broken routes. This worked in the 0.1 version so I am not sure what is going on yet. (Update: Found a typo that had slipped in, all good now. Need more tests…)

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