Happy 10 Year Birthday Mozilla

March 31, 2008 marked the 10 year anniversary of the Mozilla project. Amazingly I find I have been involved since the first year (although in lesser capacity over the past four years). The reason I got involved in the first place was that the Finnish company Citec I was working for had just learned that its worst competitor had bought the company that made a vital component of Citec’s Multidoc Pro SGML browser and as a result it became unviable to continue with Multidoc Pro as planned. Netscape’s announcement couldn’t have come at a better time.

Johnny Stenback was the first to start hacking on the Mozilla code at Citec, and me and others soon joined and produced the Doczilla superbrowser. Many people asked us how we were able to work with the Mozilla code when most others they had talked to gave up for various reasons. I have always said we had a very specific goal in mind which helped us concentrate on a subset of the Mozilla code, understand it, and extend it. Perhaps we were also too young and inexperienced to understand it was impossible to work with the Mozilla code ;). Unfortunately Doczilla development stagnated, but Netscape was still going strong so Johnny and I found ourselves at Netscape in the summer of 2000. And the rest is history.

I also was kind of surprised that I actually made it to the party. The place was packed, and it was great to see so many familiar faces, as well as finally meet people with whom I had only exchanged emails (for years in some cases).

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