Dreamhost Broke Virtual Python Installations

Yesterday I was puzzled to note my site horsetrailratings.com was reporting internal server error. Looking at the server logs did not help. Running the FastCGI script by hand gave a mysterious traceback that ended with:

ImportError: /home/.../lib/python2.4/lib-dynload/collections.so: undefined symbol: _PyArg_NoKeywords

Experimenting further it seemed just importing many stdlib modules resulted in the same thing, for example import threading failed with that. It seems others have run into the same problem with their virtual python installations. I filed a support request at Dreamhost, but they responded saying Python is working just fine. And it is, it is just that virtual python installations broke.

I decided I would use this as an excuse to try and get Python 2.5 running on Dreamhost and migrate my application to that. It turned out to be easy with these instructions. I had tried compiling Python on Dreamhost before, but had always ended up with a binary that did not work. The working incantation is: ./configure --prefix=$HOME/opt/ --enable-unicode=ucs4

I guess I will need to set some kind of monitoring system for my web app so that I will know about outages sooner rather than later…

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