Upgraded D820 to Ubuntu 8.04

I had installed Ubuntu 8.04 LST (Hardy Heron) 64-bit on Dell Latitude D830 a while ago, but I was dragging my feet with my home laptop for a couple of reasons. My home system was running the 32 bit version of 7.10, and I was pretty happy with how it was working. It was basically rock solid, and I had everything I needed working correctly. But 8.10 is coming out soon, and I am actually interested in that version for my home system, although I haven’t yet decided if I’d want to do a clean install or an upgrade (what I just did with 8.04). I decided to keep things simple and my options open by upgrading to 8.04 now.

Basically the upgrade went smoother than I expected. I had a lot to download (over 1 GB), but nothing seemed to break on my system even though I have done some config changes to the system.

The upgrade process recommended uninstalling some software I had installed manually, like vmware-server, which I had converted to a deb with alien. I still need to reinstall vmware-server.

I’ve noticed a couple of annoying regressions regarding wireless support. The wireless light does not work at all, unless you install linux-backports-modules-hardy package, and even then the light is always on steadily while the wireless is on (regardless of if it is connected or not). But even more annoying is the really slow reconnection speed when coming from suspend; with 7.10 it was near instantaneous.

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  1. Brisbane web designer:

    I run Hardy Heron on an old Toshiba Portege 2210 circa 2002. It works surprisingly well. I’m looking forward to this week’s release of Ubuntu. Apparently to upgrade it’s just one command at the command line !