Internet Explorer Mobile White Screen when Loading Pages

My CingularAT&T 8525 running Windows Mobile 6 (also happened with WM5) seems to have an issue with Internet Explorer Mobile where after a day or so of device being on, IE will just stop loading pages or show a blank white screen after it has loaded any web page. It seems I am not the only one.

Like the others, at first I resorted to doing a reset. While it temporarily solves the issue it takes quite a bit of time, which is especially annoying when you are trying to check something quick, like Caltrain schedule.

After experimenting a bit I found a faster workaround. First, stop all programs (Start > Settings > System > Memory > Running Programs and hit “Stop All” button). In some cases that step may not even be needed, so you could try skipping that. Next, launch Comm Manager (8525 has a button for this on the right side, or you can get there also through Start > Settings > Connections) and kill the data link (on 8525 you click the PDA symbol that has arrows going in and out). When you launch Pocket IE after that, it will first create the data connection and browsing will work fine.

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  1. steve:

    Is there another fix for this problem. I’m having the same problem with my phone on win mobiles 6 🙁