Countdown to M2Crypto 0.19 Begins

I just pushed out the first beta for the M2Crypto 0.19 release. The plan is to release 0.19 as quickly as possible following Python 2.6 release.

The road to 0.19 has been surprisingly long, and I didn’t intend it that way. While I was taking a break after 0.18.2 release, I found out it was time to find a new job. With the job search, and later ramping up with the new job, there just wasn’t much time and energy left to put in M2Crypto. But I have settled in with the changes, and it is high time to roll out the bug fixes and new features in M2Crypto that many people have worked hard for.

In my opinion the 0.19 release highlights are as follows:

  • Python 2.6 support
  • Fixed SSL deadlocks caused by GIL handling changes done in 0.18
  • Wrappers for OpenSSL ENGINE_* functions, which enable smart card usage
  • Wrappers for OpenSSL OBJ_* functions, making it easier to deal with X.509 certificates
  • Fixed crash that prevented encryption using public key from X.509
  • Fixed several functions and methods that failed silently or with wrong errors
  • Switched to writing private keys in more secure manner

You might want to take a look at the full change log as well.

I have done most of my development on a 64-bit Ubuntu Linux machine except for the last week or so since that machine died. Over the weekend and this week I have tested on 32 bit Ubuntu Linux and Cygwin. The Python versions I have covered are 2.4.x, 2.5.x and 2.6 release candidates. OpenSSL versions were late 0.9.8 series (0.9.8g or so). SWIG 1.3.33 or thereabouts. I would especially appreciate it if someone could test on Mac, and using native Windows Python. Also tests using 0.9.7 series OpenSSL and SWIG version < 1.3.30 would be a big help.

You can grab the sources from the M2Crypto homepage, or just do easy_install M2Crypto.

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  1. Thijs:

    Are you using buildbot to test your package? I could contribute a Mac OSX buildslave so you can test it automatically, just send me an email and I’ll look into it.

  2. heikki:

    Buildbot would be awesome, but unfortunately I don’t have a place to run it at the moment.