Root Certificates for Python Programs using Python

OpenSSL itself does not come with root certificates, which means that if you use OpenSSL for anything that requires those certificates (like SSL for example) you will need to get those certificates from somewhere else. This concerns most Pythonistas needing SSL since most Python programs use OpenSSL for SSL.

Most if not all Linux distributions include various sets of root certificates in OpenSSL-friendly formats. Windows also comes with root certificates, but to get access to them you would need to use the Windows-specific APIs.

The Curl project produced a crazy little script that can convert the certdata.txt from the NSS project (from Mozilla) into PEM format, suitable for OpenSSL. The Curl project also provided a converted certdata.txt file for download. Unfortunately the converted file was from a very old version of the certdata.txt file (when I first looked at it). I figured M2Crypto should have it’s own utility to do this conversions, so I ended up porting the script into Python. The dirty little script uses M2Crypto for certificate handling.

I used my script to get root certificates for Chandler.

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