Phone Laptop

The OLO cradle for iPhone that makes an iPhone into a laptop is squarely in the realm of devices I talked about in my mobile predictions article back in March. Of course I was thinking more in terms of using wireless to connect to the keyboard, display and so forth, but the OLO device uses the clever trick of transforming the iPhone touch screen into the “laptop” trackpad.

I expect there will be a lot of similar devices in the market soon, and not just for the iPhone but Google Android devices and others as well. The iPhone is clearly attractive for manufacturers like OLO because iPhones come in very limited variations yet with large number of phones. On the other hand, given the open nature of the Android platform and surprisingly large demand (based on the 1.5 million preorders for the T-Mobile G1), I would expect similar laptop cradles won’t be far behind for Android. Done right, it could be just a matter of fitting the right adapter for your phone into such a “laptop”. One “laptop” to rule them all…

Update: There is a wireless solution as well: the REDFLY for smartphones.

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