Updated Online Caltrain Schedule Application

I spent a bit of time over the weekend and the last couple of days to refine my online Caltrain schedule application for Windows Mobile, iPhone and others. Earlier I had split the sources off from CaltrainPy, and now it was time to do some maintenance on the online version.

The new feature is the system map. I also realized that I can expand on this work to add support for fares and maybe other similar enhancements in the future. One of the major obstacles holding me back was that I wasn’t sure how to fit this in the very small amount of real estate I had available. I solved this by making the Trains header into a button like the direction and day of travel at the top of the application.

All I can say is that it is really frustrating trying to write Javascript for Windows Mobile. I was able to get the map to display without recreating the whole schedule, but at the price of leaving some clutter after the map (although some could consider the end result a feature). I also found a bug where the scrollbars appear when viewing in vertical mode although they shouldn’t. They go away when you switch to landscape and then back. This bug affects only Windows Mobile devices as far as I know. I also added a documentation page to help users figure out how to use the thing and what all the different symbols mean in the schedules.

The stylesheet and Javascript are now in their own files.

The final piece of work I did was ensure the HTML and CSS passed validation.

Caltrain Schedule Application Screenshot

Caltrain Schedule Application Screenshot

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