Looking for Volunteers to Run M2Crypto Tinderbox Buildslaves

I have set up a Tinderbox2 instance for M2Crypto. If you are unfamiliar with Tinderbox, it is a tool to do continuous builds and tests, similar to Buildbot.

Now I am looking for people who would be able to run buildslaves. Ideally computers that are online 24/7, able to do a build + test of M2Crypto once an hour, but even once a day would be useful. The computer should have the ability to pull sources from svn and email the build & test log. The build and test cycle takes less than a minute on my laptop, so we are talking minimal resource usage.

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  1. Federico Ceratto:

    Hello Heikki,

    If you are still looking for someone running a buildslave drop me a line, maybe I can help you with one of my VPS.

    Federico Ceratto

  2. thierry:

    hi there

    just saw your message; we’re using m2crypto undirectly, so I guess it’s only fair if we can help

    My own project makes nightlies during the [0..8am] range (Paris time), but outside of that the boxes are way less busy; I could easily setup something that does hourly builds outside of these peak hours, if that’s still helpful of course

    besides, I was looking for a changelog-like stuff for m2crypto, meaning, some document summarizing the release number/date/changes, as far as possible; we have a piece of code that seems to rely on both pyopenssl and m2crypto; I would want to clean this up, i.e. as far as possible use only one of the 2 toolboxes, if that makes sense;

    thanks in advance

  3. Heikki Toivonen:

    @thierry: Cool! Currently Redhat/Fedora and Ubuntu are represented ok, but other platforms could use help. M2Crypto changelog is probably what you were looking for. 0.20 is the upcoming release.

  4. Attila Oláh:


    Are you still looking for buildslaves? I have an Ubuntu Jaunty 32bit box running nightlies, if you’re interested, email me, I’m always happy to help out other Python developers.