Problems Publishing: Blank Page

I was unable to publish new posts since early December, 2008. Hitting Publish button just gave a blank page. There were no Javascripts errors in browser console. Scheduled publish did not give any errors, but wouldn’t publish either. I read several posts about blank pages, but none of them matched what I was experiencing.

In the end I found it was two problems, although at first I thought there was just one problem. An upgrade of WP Super Cache plugin (0.8.6) had made it impossible to post. But at the same time, an upgrade of WP Widget Cache made it so that attempt to post would result in blank page. In fact many other actions would also result in blank page, like trying to delete posts and do some other administration functions.

After I deactivated and reactivated the WP Super Cache plugin I realized the .htaccess rules had been in error, but deactivate and reactivate fixed this. I was then able to post, but I still got the blank page, and was still unable to do many other actions. I finally went and deactivated a plugin at a time until I found I was able to do everything. It turned out WP Widget Cache upgrade (0.25.1?) was the culprit. I left the WP Widget Cache plugin deactivated for now.

The pattern of error I was seeing in Apache error log was this:

[Mon Jan 05 23:33:25 2009] [error] [client]  File does not exist: .../, referer:

Sorry for the blog spam during my attempts at fixing this.

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