Imation 8 GB USB Flash Drive

I finally got on the USB Flash Drive movement and bought an Imation 8 GB USB Flash Drive. I was looking for something in really small form factor so that I could keep it in my key chain. The Imation definitely fits the bill: it is so small that I can barely get enough grip to pull it out of the USB port. There are no moving parts nor any parts that could get lost. It is big enough for what I needed it: copies of my Firefox and Thunderbird profiles so that I can get my bookmarks, passwords and emails on computers that I normally wouldn’t want to copy my profiles to. It was also pretty cheap at around $30 when I got it.

I plugged it into my Dell Latitude D820 and D830 running Ubuntu Linux, and the systems mounted the drive without any problems.

Due to my usage pattern I did not need a full Firefox-on-stick option, so I was able to just make two launcher scripts that would start a separate Firefox or Thunderbird instance and load the profiles from the flash drive. It took a little digging to find the right command line options, so here are the actual commands you will need: firefox -no-remote -profile /path/to/fx/profile/dir and thunderbird -no-remote -profile /path/to/tb/profile/dir. Using Firefox and Thunderbird this way makes them really slow due to the slow speeds of the Imation flash drive, but since I don’t need to do that too often I am fine with it.

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