Caltroid 1.0 in the Android Market

I have been working quite a bit on Caltroid, which is my Caltrain schedules application for Android. I have added new features like automatically scrolling to show the next train, displaying zones of travel and fares, improved the performance by a factor of 10, fixed crasher bug and many other improvements too numerous to mention here. I felt it was now solid enough to call it 1.0, and after all Caltroid is over a year old now.

Caltroid 1.0 screenshot

Caltroid 1.0 screenshot

I kept versions 0.1 through 0.3 Open Source and free to download, but I changed this for 1.0. I decided I wanted to make it easier to find the application as well as experiment with the Android Market, so I registered myself and paid the $25 registration fee. I have priced Caltroid at $1.99, which leaves me about a dollar per sale after Google takes 30% through the Market + 2% + $0.20 through Google Checkout. So if I get at least 25 people willing to buy it, I won’t feel like a fool for registering for the Market.

Update: Seems Google does NOT charge the usual Checkout fees on the Market, so it is just the 30%. Although several of my transactions seems to have $0.10 transaction fee instead, which is not 30% nor 2% + $.020. I have reported this to Google through some Market feedback page (couldn’t find any other contact form), but haven’t heard anything back. Basically it seems like Google is a black hole as far as trying to contact them or trying to get them to respond.

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