Caltroid Upgrade

I just pushed the 1.1 upgrade of Caltroid to the Android Market. The 1.1 release includes the upcoming March 2, 2009 timetable and ticket information.

While the free open source version got a few hundred downloads (as far as I can tell, since the distribution was picked up by sites I had not even informed about Caltroid’s existence) in about one and a half months, the 1.0 version on the Market got 12 happy customers during the first week. Everyone who bought it is still using it, and I heard no reports of any problems with it. Four people rated it with an average of 4.25 stars, and one person left a (positive) comment.

I hope my users will be able to upgrade without a problem. Caltroid does not use the “copy protection” scheme which seems to be causing problems for some, nor does it use a database which seems to be another problem area during upgrades.

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