A few weeks ago I noticed a car at a gas station just as I was pulling out that had one of the best license plate texts I have seen in a while. I wish I had had more time; I would have wanted to ask the driver if the plate really meant what I thought it meant.

Today I saw the same car, and had a bit more time to snap a picture. Unfortunately the driver was nowhere to be seen, so it will still remain somewhat of a mystery. However, given the text around the plate I am pretty sure that the owner of this cool plate likes the Python programming language:

California P♥THON License Plate

California P♥THON License Plate

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  1. Karol Langner:

    Maybe that’s Guido’s new license plate? It’s different than the one he has up on his website, but that was is from Virginia so perhaps he upgraded.

  2. Alex Martelli:

    Good spotting! That car (a silver Prius) belongs to me & my wife Anna (also my co-author in the 2nd ed of the Python Cookbook, first woman Member of the PSF, etc) — the driver was no doubt Anna as I hardly ever drive (I walk in the morning from our home in South Palo Alto, to work in Mountain View — if it’s raining Anna usually drives me so she can keep the car for the day).

    I claim the credit for thinking of using the heart as a colorful Y-substitute back when we decided to get a vanity plate — it seemed especially appropriate as we did have Tim’s “Zen of Python” as one of the readings at our marriage, after all (and claimed it to be “The First Pythonic Marriage” in a lightning talk at the OSCON we immediately flew to from the marriage ceremony).

    Guido’s Prius is red, and his license plate reads PY3K.

  3. Heikki Toivonen:

    @Alex: I salute you for walking. And thanks for the information about the plate(s).