8525 as USB Drive in Ubuntu

I have had an AT&T 8525 cell phone running Windows Mobile 6 for a couple of years now, and one of my remaining issues with it is that I can’t sync it with my Dell Latitude D820 running Ubuntu 8.04. Yesterday I took a picture of a cool license plate with the phone and wanted to put it on my blog, but didn’t feel like booting my other computer running Windows just to extract the photo. A few web searches later I am still no closer to syncing, but I was able to access the SD card via USB cable plugged into the phone, and copy the photo from the card to my hard drive.

If you try to plug in the 8525 via USB cable to Ubuntu, Ubuntu will see this as a new internet connection. There are applications you can install on the 8525 that when running, make the phone appear as storage. At first I tried WM5torage, but Ubuntu did not seem to recognize the phone as storage even then. I even managed to hung WM5torage so bad that I had to reboot the device. After that I read about someone having succeeded with Softick Card Export. I installed it, launched it, then plugged the USB cable in. Success!

Softick Card Export is not free, but it has a free evaluation period. I will probably not end up buying it since I am thinking about getting a new phone soonish.

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