Simple Website Change Detection System

I happened to read a post on how to detect if someone has changed files on your webserver to serve nebulous scripts and what not. The idea in the post was to compute hashes of the files on your server and then compare periodically that the hashes match. This works against some simple attacks where all the attacker does is modify some of your content files. It won’t work if the attacker has also gotten access to the script doing the checks, or the hashes, and so forth.

As I was reading the post I realized that if you use a version control system like Subversion to publish changes to your site (the live site is a checked out copy), you get this automatically. All you need to do additionally is to set up a cronjob to run svn status (or equivalent if using some other version control system) on the server. svn status does not print anything if there are no changes, but for any added, deleted or changed files or directories it will print one line of output. Of course, this only works for files, not for content coming from databases.

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