M2Crypto 0.20 Beta Cycle Begins

Better late than never… I am announcing the first beta of M2Crypto 0.20 release. M2Crypto is the most complete Python wrapper for OpenSSL.

The 0.20 release has been in development for about nine months. About 30 bugs and new features have been implemented by more than ten people. Unit tests now cover 80% of the code base. Tinderbox is used to automatically test changes on various flavors of Ubuntu, Fedora Core, Redhat and Cygwin. We could use more Tinderbox clients, so please drop me a line if you have some spare machine cycles available.

The release include some fairly significant changes, including tricky ones in threading and so forth. See the CHANGES file for list of changes. Please test your applications, and go file bugs on any issues you notice. I’ll wait for feedback for a week, spin the next beta and so forth until there are no more release blockers found within a beta period.

There are a few issues I feel bad about that did not make the first beta. If you can help create fixes for these, I’d be willing to consider including the fixes in 0.20 if the changes don’t look too scary. Here is my wish list:

Download from pypi.

Or use easy_install (may not work on all systems): easy_install M2Crypto

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