Site Breakage Fixed

Last Sunday Dreamhost went and switched the host on which all of my sites run to a different machine. There was no advance notice, just an email after the fact informing me the change occurred and hopefully they did not break anything. As it turns out, they changed quite a bit. I am not sure if the old host was 64 bit or not, but the new one definitely is. Some of the apps I had compiled myself no longer run, complaining about wrong architecture. Some paths were different, some Apache settings were different, and mail filtering through procmail broke. As a consequence, my blog, M2Crypto Tinderbox and all my Python web applications broke. Those are the things that I know of, because I have now fixed all of them as far as I can tell. It was reasonably straight forward to recompile everything (luckily I had saved the previous configure options), find and change the changed paths, and google the Apache error. The procmail filter started working after I redid the mail filtering settings through the Dreamhost panel.

While this unannounced change was definitely not cool, it is the only time (so far) when I have been really unhappy with Dreamhost since I started hosting there in early 2006. So I am still recommending them as a cheap hosting provider: for under $9/month you get unlimited bandwidth and disk space, and cheap and anonymous domain registration to boot.

Anyway, Murphy’s Law still rules, as this all happened while I was on vacation with no net or even cell phone coverage. Sorry for the extended downtime.

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