Are Android Developers Making Money?

I read about a survey of iPhone developers which found that a third had made under $250 and 52% under $15,000. Not exactly reassuring for anyone wanting to earn a living with iPhone apps.

As far as I know, there hasn’t been any similar studies done of Android developers, so I decided to set up a simple poll to see how we compare. I couldn’t find out what the iPhone survey counted as earnings, but I am limiting my first poll to just application sales and in-application advertisements. I have read Mark Murphy’s 40 Android Business Models posts, so there are definitely more ways to make money, but let’s start with the survey I set up.

With that set up, head over to the poll page.

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  1. Hannes Bischof:


    I found a studie about this topict, maybe it’s exactly what you are searching for:

    Greetings Hannes

  2. Heikki Toivonen:

    @Hannes: Thanks for the link, it shows interesting information about mobile users. However, I did not see anything about how much are developers making money, which my poll is about.

  3. Joe:

    Both these links look very useful. You could be a super-talented programmer with no idea which way to go, and the 40 possible business models is great.
    Likewise so is Hanne’s AdMob link. Thanks for the info! It’s better than flying in blind and wondering “what happened? Anybody out there?”