Caltroid 1.3 Supports Small Screens

Not a big update to Caltroid at this time, but I wanted to get out the release because Caltroid now works in 320×240 resolution (QVGA), and there are even devices out with that resolution, like the HTC Tattoo. Of course bigger screens will work as well (I’m looking at you, Verizon Droid). The other minor user visible change is that when you locate the nearest station with GPS, the destination station will stay the same whenever possible.

Under the hood I fixed the spaghetti layout into pretty clean RelativeLayout affair, except for the red strip container which is LinearLayout so I could use layout weight to size the departure and destination stations the same. Apparently this can be a performance hit, but it is probably overall faster than it used to be. (Yeah, bad me, I didn’t measure.)

Figuring out how to make an apk that would work in all SDK versions took some time as well. I ended up creating layout-320x240 and layout-land-320x240 directories to put in the QVGA specific changes needed. I should change to layout-small instead, but for some reason I could not get this to work. I also added android:targetSdkVersion="4" into AndroidManifest.xml and built with 1.6 SDK.

Final change in place is that I exported using the wizard in the Eclipse plugin, which should zipalign the apk and make the app use less memory.

Oh, I should note that Caltroid passed 100 users last month. Thanks to everyone who purchased it, and made it the best rated Caltrain schedule application for Android!

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