2009 Donations

Time for my yearly donations to Open Source projects I use. As I mentioned when I launched ChandlerQE for Android I planned to donate 20% of the sales to OSAF. Here are the statistics:

Market           Price  Copies
Android Market   $1.99  4
Android Market   $0.99  6
SlideMe          $1.99  0
SlideMe          $0.99  3
TOTAL                   $16.87
20%                      $3.37

Somewhat of a disappointment, but understandable given that nobody seems to be working on Chandler code anymore. But I sent the 20% to OSAF anyway.

I decided to donate to three other projects this year:

Like last year, I would have wanted to donate to Mozilla Thunderbird, Pidgin, Enigmail and Pylons but didn’t see any ways to donate directly to them.

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