2009 Statistics

Looking back at my website traffic in 2009 shows pretty amazing growth:

year	#reqs	#pages	 
2006	2362	1657	+
2007	14982	9867	+
2008	335897	227906	++++++++++++
2009	1149221	826814	++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Compared to 2008, I blogged much more frequently. I actually tried to post at least once a week, but couldn’t quite keep up during the second half. I also put up the M2Crypto API documentation, which gets a fair bit of traffic.

The most popular 2009 blog post was Multicolumn ListView in Android with about 5,100 page views according to Google Analytics. Most of my posts dealt with Python, however, and I posted several snippets of code that touched projects like Django, CherryPy, boto (Python interface to Amazon Web Services), Fabric and so on.

I continued to maintain Caltroid, the first Caltrain schedule application for Android. I also released three other Android applications: d20 Ability Calculator, 20 Ability Calculator Lite and ChandlerQE for Android. All in all I made about $250 on Android software sales (gross), but since the expenses were less I actually made a slight profit. Hourly pay would counted in pennies, though.

I continued to maintain CaltrainPy and CaltrainJS as well. Other projects that I did maintenance releases on were M2Crypto.

I ported Office Resource Locator to Django.

I created a little encryption library called m2secret in Python.

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