Caltroid with Map

My latest update to Caltroid added two notable new features: the next available train is highlighted and scrolled into view automatically, and the simple locate function was replaced with a custom Google Map view. The map has Caltrain stations as an overlay, and the map starts out centered and zoomed so that all stations should be visible. While the map is active, it will update the users current position (using GPS and/or network location), and showing the nearest Caltrain station (as the crow flies). It is possible to select this station as the starting station from the map. Additionally, it is possible to tap the directions button on the map to get driving directions to the nearest station.

Working on the map feature was a pleasure now that I actually have an Android device.

If you look at the map view carefully, you will notice the text is written in transparent grey boxes with rounded corners. A stackoverflow question showed me how to do this with custom shape resource. I also based the map overlay largely on this blog post.

I had agonized for the longest time about how to get highlighting for the the list view. Then I stumbled into a couple of stackoverflow questions that showed me the way. In the end the best example I found was the List14 sample in Android API demos. I just need to call convertView.setBackgroundDrawable() with the right drawable, and make sure to add the following attribute for the list view: android:cacheColorHint="#00000000"

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