GPS Still on After LocationManager.removeUpdates?

My most recent Caltroid update added map view with two location listeners: one coarse (=network) and one fine (=GPS) location listener. Or so I thought. Even though I was calling LocationManager.removeUpdates() for both location listeners, I could still see the GPS icon active at the top, and logcat showed GPS activity still going on. Users were reporting drained batteries. Not good.

It took me a few false starts until it occurred to me that I was also using MyLocationOverlay to automatically put the user’s location on the map. Well, this obviously requires location updates. I had somehow falsely assumed that as soon as the map view went away, MyLocationOverlay would stop listening to location updates. That is not the case. You must explicitly call MyLocationOverlay.enableMyLocation() to start updates, and MyLocationOverlay.disableMyLocation() to stop updates.

After figuring this out the fix was easy. In my map view’s onResume() I request location updates for my two location listeners and enable MyLocationOverlay, and in onPause() I do the opposite. No more drained batteries!

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One Comment

  1. Dimitar:

    Thanks for the post!

    I was doing the same. I was disabling the listeners in onPause() but I would still see the GPS still working.

    Then I saw your post and just added the code to disable the MyLocationOverlay and that did it!