Nexus One Radio

If you have been wondering why I haven’t posted in a while, it is because I have been hard at work on my most ambitious Android project to date. When Google came out with the Nexus One phone I was quick to grab one. But one thing about the hardware has always bugged me. The Nexus One contains an FM radio, but there wasn’t any way to use it from software. Until now! I have painstakingly tracked down the hardware details and reverse engineered the API needed to get the radio to appear. The UI is pretty primitive. Go grab yourself an early build of Nexus One Radio (see ratings on Cyrket). Search for it in the Android Market!

Update: Please see the follow-up!

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One Comment

  1. brandon:

    Can you work on getting this to work on the droid. There is a small group of people working on this but they have not gotten it to work.

    Check out the alldroid droid forum.

    People would definitely be willing to pay for this.