Nexus One Radio Follow-up

As you have probably gathered by now, my earlier announcement was an April Fools’ prank. Unfortunately I had forgotten to adjust my blog settings for Daylight Saving Time, so the URL and time on the post refer to the previous day, even thought it was posted a few minutes into April 1st.

I got the idea for the prank out of the blue around 11 pm, and had the application ready a few minutes before midnight, so I waited for that to pass to create the .apk and post it to Android Market. Most of the development time went into finding a suitable image of a radio and scaling and cropping it (as you can guess, Gimp gives me trouble). I used the Creative Commons search engine to find the image.

I was pretty satisfied with the results. According to Android Market statistics, the application was installed 10741245 times (although the real number is somewhat higher since the statistics don’t update in real time), has 7787 ratings with average around 3.5. Not bad for less than 24 hours of exposure. Some of my favorite comments were from people who were fully on board with the prank:

  • Pretty good. Can’t seem to tune below 88.9
  • OMG this best radio player ever. Pandora and Slacker don’t even come close.
  • nice hack 🙂 Will pre-sets be available in the future? :-p
  • would be a 5 if the dialer was more accurate. great job dev! 🙂

There were also others who seemed to have fully fallen for it without liking it ;):

  • Wasted about 2 minutes of my life. . Don’t bother, feeble prank !
  • I hate you.

Of course there were also a number of spoilsports who just gave one star and mentioned it was a prank app. Shame on you.

I got one support email asking if it would work on HTC Touch. Also the comment in the original blog post about collaborating on a droid project makes me wonder if I fooled that person or if they were in on it.

Seems like I also fooled some people on

Since this was a joke app just for today, I’ve unpublished the app from Android Market. So if you are one of the 300+ people who still got the app installed, you are suddenly the owner of a rarity 🙂

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