New Adventures

This news is a couple of weeks old, but I thought better late than never… For the past couple of years I was working at SpikeSource, on a variety of things ranging from Pylons and CherryPy applications to designing RESTful APIs and client libraries and even CakePHP and Java web applications (horror of horrors 😉 ). It was never a good fit culturally, though, so just before my two year anniversary came around I decided I needed a change.

I decided to be very focused on my search: Python web application development, startups, and ideally located from Sunnyvale to Palo Alto. I used mostly and for my search, with a couple of hints from friends. I applied to eight jobs, and got five interviews. I was quite surprised that there were so many companies matching my preferences within such a small area hiring at the time when I was looking! I was also pleasantly surprised that I got into as many interviews as I did; last time around I had a bit worse success rate. Hint: requirements aren’t necessarily requirements in job postings.

Unfortunately I learned I am bad at interviews aimed at Python web application developers. For some reason I find coding questions a lot easier to answer when they are in C. I was also badly prepared to answer a few questions related to web development; having not thought about something for a while makes a bad interview impression. Note to my future self: start practicing at least a week before interviews, practice in Python on problems designed to be solved in Python (maybe Python challenges, Facebook programming puzzles and the like), and check with friends for some common web developer questions. Assuming I were to look for that kind of job next time around, of course.

To make long story short, I decided to join Aahz at Egnyte. Egnyte provides cloud storage, backup and sharing services. My first task involves integrating new UI design to a CherryPy application using Cheetah templates. I am also working on a Mac after many years on Linux.

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