Bacon Rank Released

I am pleased to release Bacon Rank, the application you have been waiting for to count your bacon! (You may not have realized this, of course. I forgive you.)

I’ve been working on this application combo since last November, a few hours here and there. The server piece is a Turbogears 2 application, while the client piece is an Android application. As a whole, they form the Bacon Rank application ecosystem. The idea is that whenever you eat bacon, you submit the number of strips of bacon you ate, using the Android client, to the server. The server returns your statistics, including your rank compared to other users of the system. It is clearly a not very serious application, but it presented some interesting programming challenges.

I’ve been going through various Python web frameworks, and this time I wanted to learn about Turbogears 2. There isn’t anything especially groundbreaking about it, but I think it marks the first time I am actually running a real service. Of course it is also tied to the Android application, which makes it interesting.

The Android application is a bit more ambitious from engineering point of view. In the UI the trickiest piece was a customized SeekBar: uncooked bacon that becomes cooked as you move a skillet over it. I was also able to finally figure out how to make a background network request survive screen orientation change gracefully.

I am also experimenting with Twitter for the first time as a communications channel for the project.

In the next two posts I will explore the server and client pieces in more detail.

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One Comment

  1. Juho Vepsäläinen:

    That sounds like a killer app.