Catching Up

I moved from Egnyte to Quixey in 2014. At Egnyte I had been the lead sync engineer for a while, working both on the client and server side (mostly server side towards the end). At Quixey I started working on Python Flask application, tweaking performance, logging and so forth. After about 6 months I switched to a devops role, where I got to learn a lot about AWS and Docker.

Just last month I left Quixey and moved to Amazon Lab126, and back into application development. For the first time in my career I got to start a major product from scratch, which is pretty cool. I decided to go with Flask again, and picked Amazon Aurora for the database.

I’ve spent some time recently tinkering with my website and some cool Amazon gadgets. Stay tuned for more details.

Disclaimer: I am not an official spokesperson for any of the companies mentioned above. Everything I write about is my own opinion.

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