Bunun gibi her belirsiz yaralanmanın dalgalanma etkileri vardır.

Bunun gibi her belirsiz yaralanmanın dalgalanma etkileri vardır.


Neyse ki, sezon boyu sıralamamızın en üstünde yer alan geniş alıcıların çoğu nispeten kesin şeyler olarak kabul edilebilir. Bu bütün "sezon öncesi yok" Yine de, WR3 ve sıralamalarımızın esnek aralığına indiğimizde anlaşma gerçekten kafamızı kaşıyor. Çaylaklar 1. Haftada ne kadar rol oynayacak? Peki ya yeni https://goldbets.top/flaming-hot/ takımlardaki adamlar? Peki ya önemli olabilecek altı WR’ye sahip gibi görünen ancak hiçbiri kesin olmayacak (size bakıyoruz, Raiders) olan takımlara ne demeli? Continue reading ‘Bunun gibi her belirsiz yaralanmanın dalgalanma etkileri vardır.’ »

A 38 anni le è stato diagnosticato per la prima volta un melanoma

A 38 anni le è stato diagnosticato per la prima volta un melanoma

Di Julie Marks, 18 settembre 2020

Come la radioterapia aiuta a trattare il carcinoma squamocellulare cutaneo metastatico

Questo trattamento è un’opzione per il carcinoma a cellule squamose avanzato.

Di Julie Marks, 16 settembre 2020

Rischio inferiore, pericolo maggiore: ciò che le persone di colore devono sapere sul cancro della pelle

Il cancro della pelle è meno comune nelle persone di colore, ma quando si verifica, i loro risultati sono drammaticamente peggiori. Continue reading ‘A 38 anni le è stato diagnosticato per la prima volta un melanoma’ »

Eine spezielle Art von weicher Linse kann für Astigmatismus verwendet werden

Eine spezielle Art von weicher Linse kann für Astigmatismus verwendet werden

Die National Institutes of Health empfehlen die folgenden Schritte, um sicher mit Knieschmerzen zu trainieren.

Lassen Sie sich beraten. Sprechen Sie mit Ihrem Arzt, wenn Sie chronische Gesundheitsprobleme haben oder befürchten, dass Bewegung zu Verletzungen führen könnte. Wenn Sie bereits Knieschmerzen haben, besprechen Sie mit Ihrem Arzt die für Sie möglicherweise sicheren Aktivitäten. Übung. Gute Arten von Übungen für schwerere Menschen sind Gehen – auch nur für ein paar Minuten, wenn Sie anfangen – Radfahren drinnen oder draußen und Krafttraining, um stärkere Muskeln aufzubauen. Continue reading ‘Eine spezielle Art von weicher Linse kann für Astigmatismus verwendet werden’ »

Sei un nordista che sta cercando un po’ di sole della Florida?

Sei un nordista che sta cercando un po’ di sole della Florida?

Sia che tu stia considerando una comunità di pensionati per te o per un genitore anziano, ecco alcune linee guida che tutti dovrebbero seguire per rendere la transizione il più agevole possibile:

INNUMEREVOLI CASE, PREZZI DIVERSI: Le quote d’ingresso in una comunità di pensionati inizieranno in genere nell’intervallo a cinque cifre e possono arrivare fino a $ 500.000 o più per le proprietà di lusso. Le caratteristiche, tra cui le dimensioni e la posizione del proprio appartamento specifico, possono influire notevolmente sui prezzi, ma i costi non finiscono qui. Continue reading ‘Sei un nordista che sta cercando un po’ di sole della Florida?’ »

SSL at Dreamhost

I have been wanting to secure my websites with SSL/TLS since the day I signed up with Dreamhost, but gave up after realizing I would have had to pay quite a bit extra on top of hosting and domains. Back then I would have needed to buy both static IPs, and the certificates. A few years back we started getting free certificates that were recognized by most browsers, but Dreamhost was still requiring the purchase of a static IP. Next Dreamhost stopped requiring a static IP, and I actually started the process of obtaining a free certificate, but eventually gave up due to the whole process requiring more time than I had available.

When Let’s Encrypt entered the field I got quite excited. I was even prepared to do the work this time around to write the certificate renewal automation myself. But when I finally got the time to do the work, I realized that Dreamhost had actually done all the work for me, and provided really easy setup through their management panel.

The hardest part turned out to be to find and fix all the non-https links. Dreamhost has good wiki pages about secure hosting in general, how Let’s Encrypt works at Dreamhost, how to force SSL everywhere, and how to configure WordPress for SSL. The instructions worked for the most part. Even after going through all the steps for WordPress I found non-https links when viewing the blog, and had to look for them in the templates and so on.

Next I went through my external links and converted many to https links. Of all the domains that I link to and can support SSL, Amazon seems to be the only one that redirects from https to plain http in some cases, or provides mixed environment if you follow an https link. The astore that used to work in an iframe no longer worked like that, and had to become a regular link. Hopefully Amazon fixes their end sooner rather than later.

Catching Up

I moved from Egnyte to Quixey in 2014. At Egnyte I had been the lead sync engineer for a while, working both on the client and server side (mostly server side towards the end). At Quixey I started working on Python Flask application, tweaking performance, logging and so forth. After about 6 months I switched to a devops role, where I got to learn a lot about AWS and Docker.

Just last month I left Quixey and moved to Amazon Lab126, and back into application development. For the first time in my career I got to start a major product from scratch, which is pretty cool. I decided to go with Flask again, and picked Amazon Aurora for the database.

I’ve spent some time recently tinkering with my website and some cool Amazon gadgets. Stay tuned for more details.

Disclaimer: I am not an official spokesperson for any of the companies mentioned above. Everything I write about is my own opinion.

M2Crypto Has New Maintainer

I am excited to announce that M2Crypto has a new maintainer and homepage! As of last summer, Martin Paljak agreed to take over the project since I had not been able to dedicate enough time to keep things going.

Martin is a long time M2Crypto contributor and was a security expert even before his contributions to M2Crypto. He has probably forgotten more about software security than I ever knew, so I know the project will be in safe hands.

There is also a new version of M2Crypto available on PyPI so go check it out!

Beware of cPickle

The Python pickle module provides a way to serialize and deserialize Python objects. A large downside of the pickle format is that it is not secure, meaning you should not deserialize pickles received from untrusted sources.

There is also a cPickle version of the pickle module which implements the algorithm in C and is much faster than the pure Python module. This provides somewhat surprising use cases for the cPickle module besides the obvious application save format: it turns out cPickle can be the fastest way to make a copy of nested structures. Due to speed, using cPickle can also be attractive as a data format between trusted servers.

There is an issue that you need to watch out for in the cPickle module, though. When you are serializing to or deserializing from string using the dumps and loads functions respectively, the functions do not release the GIL! This took me by surprise: I did not expect anything in the stdlib to hold on to the GIL for anything that could potentially take a long time. You can try this out easily by creating a multithreaded application where one thread tries to use cPickle.dumps on multimegabyte data structure while the other treads are printing to screen for example. You will see that while dumps is running, the other threads are stopped.

Luckily there is an easy workaround: you can use the load and dump functions with cStringIO buffer or other file-like objects.

Note that I haven’t checked if this problem applies to Python 3.x.