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CaltrainPy 0.2

I dusted up my Caltrain schedule program by adding schedule parsing (so it can be used as a library), adding AM/PM indicators and train types, changing the license to the MIT License and adding a file. Download from Cheeseshop. easy_install does not seem to like it, but the old style python install works.

The source is in Subversion repository,

CaltrainPy 0.2


I recently ditched my first generation Palm-based phone, and bought a Cingular 8525. It runs Windows Mobile, so I unfortunately had to give up the excellent Caltrain+ program, and find something else to show me Caltrain schedules. Unfortunately the offerings don’t seem very good. I found two Java programs, one of which I failed to install and the other has such a terrible UI I finally decided to roll my own.

Having worked with Python for a few years I really did not like the idea of writing a native C++ application, and besides, I am not sure if it is even possible to do that without shelling some bucks for Visual Studio. Luckily there is a Python port for Windows Mobile. I could not find a version of wxPython – of which I have some experience – for WM, so I settled on Tkinter. Over about three days (maybe 12 hours total or so) I finally got an application that is just about usable, and even runs on my device, albeit slowly. I give you CaltrainPy 0.1!

CaltrainPy 0.1