Caltroid was a Caltrain schedule application for the Google Android platform for mobile devices. Caltrain is a commuter rail line that runs from eastern San Francisco, California, at 4th and King Streets to Gilroy, California.

Caltroid is no longer available. Please use the other Caltrain schedule applications.


1.4.2 update fixes force close when trying to use the map without any location providers enabled!

  • Display train number, type, departure and arrival times for stations in easy to understand format
  • Highlight next train and scroll it to view
  • Zones of travel and ticket price for One Way and Day Pass shown
  • Display Caltrain system map on top of Google Map; select starting station directly on map and get driving directions as well.
  • Designed to be used with as few clicks and selections as possible
  • All the information and controls on one intuitive screen
  • Everything included with the application, no network connection required (although loading map tiles does require internet connection).
  • Includes full Fares and Help documents
  • Available for small screen sizes (like HTC Tattoo) in addition to normal and large sizes
  • Keep destination station the same if possible when locating nearest station


Caltroid 1.4 screenshot Caltroid 1.4 map screenshot

Historical Notes

I started learning about the Google Android platform in January 2008, and wrote about my experiences in a series of blog posts. I released the first version of Caltroid in February 2008.

Versions 0.1 through 0.3 were Open Source software, not available through the Android Market. I have decided to put Caltroid on the Android Market now as a paid application to hopefully cover the Market registration costs and some of my web hosting costs.

The 1.0 release included lots of improvements besides the obvious new features: crash bug fixes, UI polish, detect attempts to travel in wrong direction and more.

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