The game was played with 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules, with modifications explained in house rules document.

The house rules contains excerpts from various sources which are mentioned in the text.

Various names are borrowed from sources almost too numerous to mention, but here are some: Soulstones and Tyrael may be copyright of Blizzard Entertainment, Lim Dul, St. Cuthbert, Nerrul, Erythnul, Vecna et. al. are probably owned by Wizards of the Coast. Most of the teachings of El Elyon and the Twins are quotations from the New American Standard translation of the Bible.

Otherwise the world description, house rules and NPC decriptions © Glyn Dewey. The adventures themselves contain material © Glyn Dewey as well as published adventures, and plot twists from various sources like Dungeon Magazine's "In the Dead of Winter".

Images have the copyright notices next to them.

Journal and the character description of Radagast © Heikki Toivonen 2001.

Character description of Drik © James Wilson 2001.

Character description of Galen © Piaw Na 2001.

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