Product Document Management with SGML And Relational Databases

Heikki Toivonen

Master of Science Thesis


University of Jyväskylä

Department of Mathematical Information Technology


Databases and structured documents have been used apart from each other. The situation has changed dramatically over the past few years. This thesis discusses differencies and difficulties in making the two separate realms interact. The emphasis is on product document management. The practical part of the thesis shows one implementation where databases and structured documents work together.


The thesis was made with SGML using a variant of the Docbook DTD. Different versions were extracted from the SGML version. The versions available here are:

This is the original SGML format. Some of the images in the original are in CGM format. The SGML document has CSS and ViewPort stylesheets. DocZilla and Multidoc Pro are two example programs that can be used to view the document.
The XML format is perhaps the one that is styled best, with CSS. The XML format uses the HTML namespace to display images with the IMG tag. Links are done with simple XLink. XML-capable browser, for example any Mozilla-based browser can be used to view it. Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer can also be used to view it. It is only barely usable with 5.0 because 5.0 has severe bugs with XML parsing, only limited CSS support, no XLink support, and the Table of Contents does not work.
Any HTML-capable web browser should be able to show the document in the HTML format. The markup is not valid HTML, however. It has a small CSS stylesheet which makes the document easier to read, but CSS capability is not necessary.
The PDF version preserves the layout closest to the original (which was done with FrameMaker+SGML). Please note that double sided printing may use slightly odd page numbering (like chapters beginning from an even page number). Adobe Acrobat is an example program that can be used to view this version.

You can also download the whole gzipped tar archive.